Jazz Styles

Lively, fun jazz syncopations and harmonies

  • Presents multiple facets of jazz including: Ragtime, Blues,
    Boogie, Swing and Rock
  • Coordinates easily with Schaum Rhythm Workbooks
  • Spacious, easy-to-read music notation
  • Ideal supplement to all piano methods
  • Includes performance CD

Click on the thematic or the highlighted title to hear the sound clip

Jazz Styles, Level 1

Original music by John Revezoulis

Bare Bones Rag
Bluesy Rock
Bossa Nova Rag
Calypso Rag
Feelin' Good Boogie
From Rag to Blues
Go For It
Jumping Bean
Lazy Blues
Let's Boogie
Rock Boogie
Wind Around
Zig Zag Rag

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Jazz Styles, Level 2

Baggy Boogie
Big Beat Boogie
Bubble Boogie
Cool School
Easy Come, Easy Go
Empty Pocket Blues

Entertainer (Joplin)
High Energy
Nappy Lee (Jordan)
Ramblin' Rock
Rockin' Rhythm
Sonic Boogie
Super Boogie
Surfin' Boogie

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Jazz Styles, Level 3

Boogie Fast
Boogie Strut
Come Alive
Easy Winners (Joplin)
Giant Burger Blues
Honeysuckle Rag (Lamb)
Hush Puppy Blues
Jalopy Cat
Peacherine Rag (Joplin)
Rollin' Rhythm
Tennessee Tantalizer (Hunter)
27 Flavors Blues

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Jazz Styles, Level 4

All Right
Big City Rag (Johnson)
Feelin' Moody
Horsin' Around
Little Swinger
Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin)
Miz Tuttle Shuffle
Original Rags (Joplin)
Pure Blue
Ramblin' Swing
Solid Sound
Square Bear
Sure Fire

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